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An unthinking moment is a funny thing! It starts out innocently enough, certainly - but in the end can come back to bite you in a big way.

As some of you might have noticed, I am no artist, myself - this DA is dedicated soley to those commissions that I have bought - or that others have bought for me. A little shrine to my characters and the wonderful artists who have helped me bring them to life, if you will. Though the intent was fair, I have done a disservice that I would like to make a public apology for!

I refer to this work here:…
And it's edited accomplice here:…

Though they were not bought by me, they were bought -for- me - and I uploaded them here as I always do; not giving proper pause to consider the dreadful fact that these images, intended to be my own Phyrra, were copies of some of the source material that was meant to be a starting basis for something original and little else. I knew this, of course,  but failed to consider it at the most important moment.

Those images... goodness, I think I'm repeating myself... Though intended to produce an original image for my characters... are not, in fact, that character. The... reference... and the character they unwittingly became fanart of belong, instead, to :iconmasterokiakai: - and you can see that character right here:

So, my apology goes first to the wonderful artist who has suffered the results of this carelessness. The likeness was never the intent; but I could have done something about the result just the same, I think.

My second goes to those artists who did these commissions; for having this placed upon them. I don't know what was said in the exchanges that led to the commissions - but I doubt that this was their intent, either.  :icondkstudios05: and :icondevil-v: are, so far I've known them, people of good character - and good artists, to boot!

My third goes to :iconserevus: who, bless him, bought these for me with the best of intents. To have him pulled into a mess because of me is an awful thing to imagine; and yet it happened, just the same. Be careful when you're trying to do nice things for me, you booger! :XD:

Finally, I want to apologize to all those who took a liking to these pieces. I must ask you all to go ogle the appropriate person's work, instead of the two I've posted here. The other work I've posted of Phyrra is closer to what was intended; and so you can ogle that one, too - but go ogle the other artist, first. Maybe grope him while you're at it?

If you have any questions about this; please, ask away. I'll be happy to clarify as best I can on all fronts.


Katrina Sinclaire
United States
Futanari imaginings with a deep, yet incredibly sexy face! Huh. That sounded a little more cheesy than I'd imagined it, so let's try it this way...

Well... First, I ought to tell you that there won't be any adult content here for obvious reasons. If you're interested in seeing the lewd material, feel free to shoot me an e-mail! Or an MSN message; or whatever bakes your cake. That said!

I'm not much one for writing, but I used to adore roleplaying. Interesting, colorful stories ranging from light-hearted shorts to complex epics - those were the things I liked.

Why put a Futa face on such tales? Why 'mar' such beautiful characters with something so taboo, you ask? Well, to be quite frank - I'm addicted! I'll admit - I'm absolutely infatuated with the very concept. Some years ago, I set out to make my own such character.

I didn't want to make one just like all the others I had seen, though... No, I wanted to make something... Not quite real... but something along those lines. Something much more than just a hormonal harlot with the wrong set of equipment searching for her next companion. I wanted something I could write a novel about and have it taken somewhat seriously!

Well. I made one. And then it got out of hand! Even though I don't roleplay any longer - and even though I still havn't found the drive or passion to write any stories... I still enjoy developing my characters - and cooking up new ones!

I'd like to hope that other people might enjoy what I've come up with. If it's not your cup of tea; I completely understand. If it is your cup of tea... welcome!

Favourite genre of music: Anything goes!
Favourite style of art: Anime, Comic-Book
Operating System: Windows 7


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